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Alfa 1.6L 16V Twinspark – [AR32104]

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    The Alfa Romeo Twin Spark (TS) technology was originally developed by Alfa in the early 1960s in their race cars (GTA, TZ) to enable it to achieve a higher power output from its engines. And in the early and middle 1980s, Alfa Romeo incorporated this technology into their road cars to enhance their performance and to comply with stricter emission controls.

    The ‘Twin Spark’

    Twin Spark name refers usually engines made after 1986 when the 164 Twin Spark was introduced. The TS series engines are all ‘4 cylinder inline’ with twin cam (DOHC) shafts, and are developed first with 8 valves (an all alloy wet-liner engine, chain driven) and later with 16 valves (a modern iron block engine with alloy head, belt driven). The Twin Spark name comes from the fact that there are two spark plugs per cylinder.

    The two sparks on the Alfa twin spark engines fire one after the other on the power stroke causing higher compression as the flame front travels across the combustion chamber. The second spark fires in the extra compressed mix, ensuring a cleaner burn and less unburnt fuel in the exhaust as well as a higher thermodynamic efficiency.

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    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 80 × 80 × 60 cm


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